Jessica & Nima: Texas Engagement

As someone who photographs weddings I have the honor of getting to capture something very intimate and significant. This moment in life where one says to the another "I'll share it all with you, forever..." It's something that I never really get use to. It feels brand new every time I see it. Always this shimmery, glowing moment. No, it's not perfect. It's rarely perfect. But it's always incredible. Like seeing stars at night in west Texas...

I once heard that marriage is a foreign country where only two people speak the native tongue. Every time a couple includes me on their journey to the alter I feel that exactly. I get to come to their land, behind the shining barrier, for a brief time and admire how absolutely lovely it is.

The beginning of this process with Jessica & Nima started with an invitation to their home. Photographing them there was a perfect fit. A place built with heart and filled with their memories.

All of these photographs are easily my most favorites. I really had to keep myself from just posting every single one from this session. I hope you love these photographs every bit as much as I do.

Jessica's Makeup by Love Dose Beauty