Lauren & Ira Part I : San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Lauren and Ira are my favorite kind of people. Adventurous, intelligent and welcoming. My husband, Gray, met Ira while they were in the Peace Corp together. Gray told me all these crazy stories about their time there. So I already liked Ira before I met him, I knew the same would probably be true for the women he'd asked to be his bride.

Enter Lauren. She is gorgeous, kind and easy to talk to. You hear their stories they accumulated together and you just want to see what exciting things they do next. I'm so happy I was able to make this connection through Gray and even happier when they asked me to photograph their wedding this summer. 

Now their engagement session is a two part! I'll put up Part II in a few days. This first part what taken in San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers. I was so intrigued with this place before we arrive. A conservatory of flowers...somehow this sounds so incredibly romantic and official to me. The area didn't disappoint. It was beautiful. Rolling hills of green, lush florals and what a beautiful structure...