New Blog & Vision

New Blog! I decided to dig through my website, clean it up and start fresh. It feels like I've been starting over and over with all the the moving and traveling I've got to do these last 3 years. I love traveling but moving takes on this whole mind of it's own. I've learned so much about what "home" means too. I've learned that it's literally where I can sit down and have a meal with my husband and a bed where we can both lay our heads. It's simple and refreshing to finally have that definition. But let's set aside all of the introspective yammer for another time :) I'm here in Texas and for the next long stretch, that is where I'll be. 

wedding day polaroid

With all the clean slates of I've had it's also given me a chance to really look at my photography and reassess what it is I want to do with it. I heard Chuck Close say once that photography is the easiest medium to feel accomplished in but the most difficult to have vision for. Taking this in I wanted to dig deep and see if there was a "vision" Because my heart is to give something unique and not just the standard coverage.

I want to offer different mediums. Different ways to see the day. Whether it's with a polaroid, a digital image, all black & white film or a large format family portrait. I want to dig deep and capture the day. I feel like it's cheesy to write but Wedding Days are so unique. There is only one you and only one of the person you're marrying! There is only one day and only one set of vows. There will never ever be a day like this again! 

So here's to digging deep, creating art and finding people who share that hope for their day!