When I first put together this guide it was a bit wordy. It's easy to get excited about Marfa, Texas and go on and on about it. But chances are that you're interested in getting married in Marfa because A. you're creative B. you don't like being told what to do. So in a very Southern, tip-my-hat-to-you manner I'll cut to the chase and make this as short and sweet as possible.



Set aside 2-3 nights to spend in Marfa, Texas. If you haven't gone, this is the perfect excuse. If you've been before, go again. It'll help you wrap your head around planning your Marfa Wedding.

Things to accomplish on this trip:

-Set up meetings with potential Vendors

-Visit potential Venues

-Marfa Engagement Session

Engagement Session: This trip is a great time to schedule your Engagement photographs and meet your photographer (me wink) My suggestion is to set aside around 2hrs and let me take you around Marfa, show you some photo opts we could potentially use on your wedding day and get to know each other! 

Marfa Texas Engagement by Jessica Garmon

Who should you meet during your Marfa Wedding Scouting Trip? Magic Hour Marfa. Hands down. This is one Marfa gem worth making some time for. A pleasure to work with, incredible work and creativity. The photographs below are from a styled shoot we collaborated on. See what I'm talking about? 

Marfa Texas Photographer

What Venues should you explore during your Marfa Wedding Scouting Trip? An open field, The Capri, Hotel Paisano CourtyardEl Cosmico, Hotel Saint George, the Marfa Courthouse, the Brite Building to name a few ideas. Marfa may seem like a small town but truly there's almost a venue for everyone. 

Marfa Texas Wedding

Where should you stay during your Marfa Wedding Scouting Trip? There several are fantastic places to stay in Marfa but one experience that you absolutely need is a night at El Cosmico. Stay in the Teepee and rent a Dutch Tub for the evening. Trust me. Before it closes for the night run to the Get Go and grab some groceries for dinner, get some wine or some tasty Big Bend Brewery beer. Use El Cosmico's open air kitchen and prepare your feast.

After enjoying dinner get into your swimsuits and hop into the Dutch Tub. Hot tub meets good taste. Keep beer and wine handy. It may get sexy.

You've spent sometime in the Dutch tub and you're full from your delicious meal. You feel good and RELAXED.

One more step: shower under the stars. El Cosmico has a plethora of outdoor showering options. At first it'll seem awkward then it'll feel AMAZING. Looking up and seeing the night sky while you're sudsing up is one of my most favorite experiences in Marfa. If I could give you anything on your Scouting Trip it would be for you to have this moment. A little wild, a little sexy, a little adventurous.

I think we're off to a good start! Soon I'll be posting PLANNING A MARFA WEDDING: PART TWO Until then if you have any more questions, would like more suggestions (I got 'em) for your Marfa Wedding Scouting Trip send me an e-mail at